Live In Earthquake Country? 4 Ways The Movement May Damage Your Residental Well

If you live in earthquake country and your water is supplied by a private well, you need to be prepared for repairs. You might not realize this but earthquakes can wreak havoc on your water well. Unfortunately, if you're not prepared, you might not realize what type of damage you should be looking for. If you have a well, you should have it inspected after each significant earthquake — those that cause movement inside your home. If you've felt movement inside your home, you can be sure that your well experienced the same movement. Here are four types of damage your well may experience after an earthquake.

Clogged Pumps

During an earthquake, the ground in your yard will experience a considerable amount of movement. As the soil moves, it could cause your pump to clog. Unfortunately, if your well pump clogs during an earthquake, you'll lose water to your home. After an earthquake, turn your faucets on. If your faucets sputter or you see dirt or sediment in the water, you'll need to have your well pump repaired as soon as possible. 

Broken Pipes

There is a system of pipes connecting your well to your home. Those pipes are responsible for bringing water to your faucets. However, they're also responsible for drawing water up through the underground reservoirs. If those pipes are broken during an earthquake, you won't receive the water you need for your home. Not only that, but water could leak into the soil, which could cause areas of your yard to collapse. If this type of damage occurs during an earthquake, it will need to be repaired right away.

Cracked Well Walls

If you've experienced a significant earthquake, one that's caused damage to your home or foundation, you need to have your well inspected immediately. This type of earthquake could have caused cracks to the walls of your well. If the cracks are severe, you may need to have a new well drilled on your property.

Reduced Water Levels

Finally, earthquakes can affect the water level inside your well. In fact, after an earthquake, you may experience an increase or decrease your water level. In some cases, the water level will return to normal after a few days. However, there may be times when the levels don't return to pre-earthquake conditions. Unfortunately, if you've lost water level, it may become necessary to start over with a new well.

Don't take chances with your well. If you live in earthquake country, be prepared for well problems. If you've experienced a recent earthquake, be sure to have your well inspected as soon as possible. Your well and pump may be in need of repairs.

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