3 Mistakes You Could Be Making With Proper Water Pump Maintenance

When you rely on a private well to supply water to your home, your water pump is one of the most valuable things that you have around beyond your well and the well pump inside of it. Most homeowners have to rely on some form of water pump to deliver water from the well to the house because the well is a good distance from the main water line. This pump is not an inexpensive investment. Therefore, projecting it for the long-term is extremely important, and proper maintenance is key. Unfortunately, many people make some big mistakes when it comes to water pump maintenance. Here is a look at those mistakes so you can avoid them moving forward.

Not consistently examining the pump for water leaks

As simple as it may sound, just checking the pumps on a regular basis to see if there is any leakage is one of the easiest things you can do to make sure you protect your water pump. Nevertheless, this is something that many homeowners fail to do. If you happen to catch a leak early, you can have the proper seals replaced or the repairs done to fix the issue before it becomes a major problem. If a link is not caught in a timely manner, not only will you be losing a lot of water, but the problem will continue to grow.

Not following proper monthly water pump maintenance schedules

When you initially have your water pump installed, the installer will likely go over some general maintenance schedules with you that you should follow to keep your pump working well for the long-term. These maintenance tests can include things like checking and replacing seals for wear and tear, testing the water pressure you have against the horsepower of the pump, and other things. If you fail to follow these monthly maintenance schedules, it is easy to miss a major problem.

Not periodically checking the pump for unreasonable vibration

The water pump has a series of gears inside that rotate to push the water through the unit and through the water lines. The movement of these gears can cause the water pump to vibrate slightly when it is running. However, the vibration level should not be anything drastic, and if it is, it can be a sign that something is wrong. It is best to have the pump checked by a water pump maintenance and repair professional if you spot serious vibrations coming from the unit.

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