The Benefits of Using Engineered Wood Products in Your Next Project

Wood remains a tried and true material for building all kinds of buildings, structures, or devices. It's sturdy and can provide a classic look for your finished work. But for some projects, using natural wood might not be the best possible solution. Today, more and more construction companies and home renovators are choosing to use engineered wood products in order to take their build to the next level. Here's why you might want to reach out to a local provider of engineered wood products today.

Engineered to Withstand Greater Weight

Natural wood is a strong material but is it strong enough for your special project? If you are building a wood structure that will have an immense amount of weight placed on certain sections when it is complete, you might want to know that engineered wood is designed to withstand more weight than natural wood. This is done either by creating a larger piece of wood than what you could get from one standard plank or by reinforcing your planks with other materials.

Engineered for Long-Term Durability 

Engineered wood is also a good idea if you are building a structure that might be exposed to the elements or otherwise subject to additional wear and tear or abuse. Engineered wood can be created to stand up to Mother Nature without succumbing to wood rot or other long-term issues. If you need your new wood structure to last for many years with little to no maintenance, going the engineered route is probably your best bet.

Engineered Wood Is Better for the Environment

Another reason your company might want to start using engineered wood in its projects is that engineered wood is also great for sustainability and the environment. Engineered wood can be created from the excess bits of lumber that might fall to the ground doing a regular cut on natural wood. A final product or project crafted from engineered wood will be less wasteful of the environment and could potentially lower your company's environmental footprint.

If you will be using wood to create a new structure in the future, consider the benefits of going with engineered wood instead of all-natural timber. Engineered wood can provide greater durability and strength while also helping to keep your company as green as possible. Often, an untrained eye can't tell the difference between the two wood types. To learn more about engineered wood products, contact a local provider like Hillside Lumber today.  

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