Installing An Aluminum Deck Railing On Your Deck Or Raised Outdoor Living Space

Any raised outdoor living space or deck should have a railing around the perimeter to ensure no one falls from the deck and gets hurt. There are many options to choose from, including aluminum deck railing kits or kits made from other materials that you can assemble yourself. 

Determine the Requirements

One of the first things you need to consider when purchasing any aluminum deck railing systems or kits for your deck is the requirements in your area. The railing is often required to be a couple of feet high, but local laws may vary, so check with the code enforcement office in your city or town. 

Most deck railings also have requirements for any openings in the railing, so if there are verticle or horizontal slats or cables in the system, they can't be too wide. Any aluminum deck railing kits on the market should meet the requirements, but because some local laws are more stringent than state or federal requirements, you may need to make some adjustments to the railing system to ensure it meets the code. 

Selecting A Railing Style

Amunimun deck railing kits vary in design, so you may want to take some time to look over the systems that are available in your local hardware store or home center to find one you like. There are systems that use aluminum rails and slats on the entire system, others that use cables to create a more modern look, and some that use a glass panel below the railing to close in the deck and not allow anything to go out under the railing.

Installing Your Railing Kit

Most aluminum deck railing kits are easily installed by a homeowner with a few tools and using the provided directions that come with the kit. Check the tool list before you start the installation. If there is something on it that you do not have, you can often rent the tool at your local home center. 

Once you have everything you need to do the job, pick a day and start early to ensure you have enough time to complete the installation before you run out of daylight. If you are not sure that you can install the kit yourself, you could hire a handyman or a contractor to install the kit for you.

You could get a friend that is good with tools and fixing things to come and help you put the railing system together and get it installed. However, if you are unsure, it's generally more suitable to hire a professional. To learn more about aluminum deck railing kits, contact a manufacturing company. 

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