How To Get The Most Out Of Zinc Nickel Plating

Zinc-nickel plating services are available to those that want added protection for their metals. As long as you carry out a couple of steps when completing this process, it will give you spectacular plating results that satisfy your project needs perfectly.

Know the Difference Between Aesthetic and Functional Plating Purposes

There are a number of reasons why you might want to put zinc-nickel plating on a particular material. However, there are two primary categories that include aesthetic and functional purposes. Knowing the difference will help you get the right plating results at the end.

For instance, if you're plating metal with zinc-nickel for strictly visual purposes, you can choose thinner coats and thus save money. Whereas if you're going with the functional variety — such as for added protection — then you may need thicker coats. 

Use Pure Water for Rinsing

One of the more important preparations you'll complete before your metals are treated with zinc-nickel plating is rinsing them with water. This helps remove surface contaminants and thus helps the plating apply much easier. Just make sure you use pure water for this process.

It can't have any contaminants because if it did, surface defects could result that negatively impact your plating results. Always make sure you're using pure water from a reliable source so that you can complete rinsing without having any hang-ups. If you're having a professional company handle this plating process, they should have purified water already on standby.  

Test Plating Batches Out on Prototypes

It's always a good idea to test zinc-nickel plating batches before using them on actual metals you're working with. Then you can make sure the zinc-to-nickel ratio is perfect and gives you optimal attributes, be it heat resistance or corrosion resistance. Prototypes can be used for these testing purposes.

Just make sure they mimic actual metals that you're applying zinc-nickel plating to. Then you'll be able to study the plating results in an effective manner and come to meaningful conclusions at the end. If the plating worked out well for the prototypes, you can start plating metals without hesitancy. 

The best thing you can do when putting a zinc-nickel plating on a particular metal is outline major steps and then refine them to the point of perfection. Then once the plating process is done, you know your metals will have better properties than they had before. 

For more information, contact a local service provider.

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