Did You Know About These Uses For Die-Cut Foam Adhesive Parts?

Die-cut foam is a lot more versatile than many people realize. It is used a lot in manufacturing and on various pieces of equipment—but those are not the only places where you'll find it. Whether you work in a noisy factory, an office where children visit frequently, or a company that's trying to think of new ways to market itself, die-cut foam adhesive parts can play a very big role.

Acoustic Dampening

The blocks of foam that you see in recording studios are often made through a die-cutting process, and some of these blocks have adhesive on one side so that they can be stuck to a wall or ceiling (or even a floor; the adhesive prevents someone from accidentally kicking the foam away). If you work in a noisy factory where you've noticed a lot of echoes and generally bad acoustics that amplify machine noise and make it hard to hear speech, adding these foam blocks is an excellent idea. However, don't add a few generic blocks or panels. Have someone come in to evaluate how best to add foam to dampen sound and then have blocks and panels custom-cut.


If your employees tend to bring their children to the office a lot, you know the importance of having everything childproofed. Foam corner covers and other foam products are big in the childproofing world, but they don't always fit what you need them to fit that well. You can get customized products that are cut to fit specific fixtures in your office. While employees will still have to watch their children, of course, having foam custom-cut to cover corners and other potential hazards is a good idea.

Promotional Goods

Die-cut foam is not limited to industrial or equipment use. It can also be a great material—especially when it has an adhesive backing—for promoting your company. You can have shapes cut from foam and then have graphics printed on the shapes to create take-home promotional materials like stickers and magnets. Foam without adhesive can be cut into mouse pads with your logo on top. You can have cup holders and even foam flyers made as well. The die-cutting process leaves very clean edges and exact corners, making it a perfect process for when you need items in specific shapes.

Die-cut foam adhesive parts may be the material you need that will solve your company's latest problem. Speak to die-cutting factories and shops about what they can do for you.

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